The first episode of the Playmakers podcast has landed

This isn’t news to those of you who have: (1) preordered Playmakers; and (2) signed up for the Playmakers podcast. You’ve already gotten it in your email inbox.

For everyone else, it’s a reminder to get on the bus while it’s still close to the station.

Every Friday, throughout the 2021 season, I’ll be posting a Playmakers podcast for those who have preordered the Playmakers book. It was an idea that came in part from a desire to give those who already have reserved their copy of the book a token of our appreciation — but primarily to create an incentive for those who are thinking (like I would be), “I’ll wait until it comes out.”

If you decide not to wait, you’ll get a weekly 30-minute-or-so stream-of-consciousness that rolls through a couple of pre-planned topics, touches on whatever I happen to think of while taping it, and answers the best of the questions submitted in advance.

Friday’s episode broke down the controversial offside penalty from Thursday night’s game, took a closer look at the St. Louis relocation litigation and the curious lack of attention that ESPN and others have devoted to it, and answered various questions.